Summer Travel (in pictures)

Our July was full of movement. We started by joining Lisa's family in California for a family reunion. 

Our family is stretching up there. Look at the height of those boys. They have caught me.

I left the family in California and traveled to Colorado Springs to help host a conference, we call the Cru World Briefing. 

Lisa and Madison joined me in Colorado and the rest of our kiddos enjoyed time with their fun grandma who made sure they saw Las Vegas, Zion and Bryce Nationa Parks on their way home to Salt Lake City. The kids loved time with family in Utah while we attended our biennial staff conference.  

Can you spot us? We had 10 challenging days at our conference where we talked about partnering with the body of Christ to help reach the world for Christ, diversity in our ministry and keeping our love for Christ first. There are nearly 5,000 of us working from the United States, while more than 10,000 more work internationally. Only the US staff is required to engage with this conference while our international staff have similar conferences closer to them.

After our conference Lisa, Madison and I were able to drop down to Colorado Springs to visit my mom and my sister and brother-in-law. 

Give us this day our daily bread

Those that know me know that I work with Cru and that a part of that assignment includes that I have to raise the funds necessary to participate with this mission. That includes my salary, benefits and ministry expenses. Our president does the same as well as looks for funds for our global expenses and operations and a friend shared this video with me of him talking about some of this experience. I was encouraged by it and many of you ask me what raising support is like, so I thought this video would give you a peak at what it can be like. Is is just 3:08 minutes long. Enjoy.