They meet every week, depending on God's leadership to direct our global mission to help fulfill the Great Commission. With ministries in 190 countries their scope could not be larger. They call themselves the "E" team, which is short for the Executive Team. This week new global leaders like myself have learned what it takes to guide and govern our worldwide effort. This morning we had a chance to spy, via in room cameras, into one of the weekly meetings of this leadership team and study how they live out our mission, vision and values in real time.

Prayer before the meetings begin

Prayer before the meetings begin

We were briefed before the E Team Meeting's start. We learned how they conduct their meetings with their norms for discussion and decision making. I appreciated the emphases on listening to the Lord and petitioning Him with our cares and concerns. We broke into groups and prayed for their time together and for our time learning from them.

Global leaders from French speaking countries in Africa

Global leaders from French speaking countries in Africa

It is so "other world" to be in meetings where we are translating (in this case from English to French) and where the air is thick with accents from far away places.

Thank you once again for the part you play in enabling Lisa and me to play a part in this global mission of helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

Going Global


"Welcome to the 2014 Global Orientation for new global leaders!" our vice president of leadership development said in her opening remarks as we embarked in week long meetings introducing new leaders like me to the global theater of ministry for which we are now called to lead. She showed a graphic that pictured the way we are organized. I will include it here. It is complex. Complex in part is what it means to lead globally.

This image describes the leadership structure of our global ministry. 

This image describes the leadership structure of our global ministry. 

It is also big. We are learning how we have structured our work into 13 Areas. Each area has a set of leaders and so the global leadership is made up of a lot of people. 

It is complex. There are many relationships. There are a number of systems to learn. There are many needs.

It is diverse. We have backgrounds, perspectives, cultures and languages to navigate. 

So this week is an orientation to learning to lead in a global context. Pray for Lisa and I as we learn to serve in a global capacity. 

Breakfast Date


At first I did not want to go. It was going to break up my morning routine. What a goof I am. To think I would have missed all these smiles and giggles. The girls just seem to beam. I guess it is just a special thing for them to have me enter their world (okay, it could have been the donuts that made them so happy). I can't help, but think of some parallels of Jesus entering our world, only with Jesus it was not just donuts with dad, it was the bread of life offering eternal life so that you and I would never be hungry again. I am so glad I came, and I am way more glad that He came.

Worldwide Day of Prayer


"We have an appointment with heaven" our emcee for our day of prayer said in his opening comments. Two times a year our ministry around the globe pauses from mission activity to worship, intercede, and petition our Father. We pray for you too and we are so grateful to have you with us in this mission. Thank you for partnering with us. 

A Special Request

It is called OLC5 and it stands for Operations Leadership Conference and the number 5 (this is the fith one since I don't know when). I no longer work in Operations, but there is a two day track focused on Communications and my new team, Global Advancement, is very much involved in that part of our mission. Working in this global part of our ministry really stretches the geographic scope of what I am doing and connecting with these other staff working in communications is valuable. We work with these people to bring back stories of what God is doing in various parts of the world. In addition, this trip will only deepen my understanding of what our ministry looks like in other parts of the world prayerfully giving me greater insight how we will might serve them in learning how to go about trusting God for the resources they need and teaching them how to look for friends who will join them in the mission.

I would covet your prayers as I make this trip. I want to be a curious learner. I want to build trust in what we can offer these global ministries. I want to learn ways that get timily information from our work abroad.

I would also ask you the favor of praying for my family. Travel is challenging, and I think it is hardest on the one that remains. No doubt you have been in the same place with your work.

Thank you for your partnership in helping to fulfill the Great Commisison. Getting to our goal takes many parts. This part is about building capacity so that we can see more lives changed by the person you and I call Lord–Jesus.


Thy Kingdom Come

This just came in my inbox as I work in Global Advancement,

  • In Mandano, Indonesia in 7 days, 30 staff shared with 595 people and 497 prayed to receive Christ.
  • In addition, 100 of the new believers went thru follow up 1 that week.
  • New believers were invited to share their faith- they shared with 119 and saw 97 trust Christ.
  • Multiple generations were birthed that week as new believers shared Christ and started follow up.

That is so cool right? It is a blast to get a "sound bite" like that in the middle of the day. I love what God is doing. For thine is the kingdom, and the power and glory forever. Amen.


The Beginning

Picture of a start. A question many are asking me is, “How is your new role going?” I am grateful for the care and interest. However, I have not figured out how to give a simple answer, for it is a bit complex.

Before I am able to fully dive into my new role, I need to find the funding to sustain us in this mission. This is a challenging task, but incredibly rewarding. We have moved to 77% of full funding and I can’t wait to see it at 100%. Until that day, the majority of my time and energy is spent sharing our ministry with potential partners.

I am delighted that nearly all of my former team has joined Lisa and me in our move to the Global Advancement team. I know them well, and I am finding that the team we are merging with is filled with sharp, competent, and daring people. Yes, daring, they believe we can help mobilize 10 million multiplying disciples by 2020! Incredible.

We have a team retreat next week and a team photo is planned. I hope to share that with you next week. Thank you for enabling Lisa I to be one of those that dare to believe that God will enable us to mobilize 10 million multiplying disciples by 2020.