She is published


I remember when this squirt would sit in my bucket of soapy water while I washed the car. Now her talents are blossoming to tell stories through words. Cru has a long history of making disciples in the athletic community. Our ministry called Athletes in Action (AIA) works with these leaders and with those who love the sports world. The Olympics begin this week and Madison was given the chance to tell one athlete's story. You can read it at this link. My little car wash buddy is a published writer. 

Cru in 110 seconds

"Do you have any video", asked Paulette, the Missions Coordinator when I called on Thursday afternoon after flying for six hours from Orlando. I kicked myself for not thinking to do that, but I was not trying to make this trip about me or Cru. This visit was an opportunity to acknowledge the couragous, faith-full, and generous community of faith known as Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church (FOPC). This family of faith has given more than a million dollars partnering with Cru to make disciples and help fulfill the Great Commission. Amazing. So, the thought was that we would play a video about Cru and then turn our attention on FOPC. I scrambled to create a video, but a mistake on my part did not enable it to be shown. Oh well, we made do, but let me share it with you. Let me know what you think.